Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Captain Gunnbjorn

Alright, it has been a while. So i have got bunch done in between my sister moving back home with her kids (1&4), Captain Gunnbjorn, Mulg and the Malifaux Born on the Bayou Box. I got in a game with Gunnbjorn against Magnus the Warlord. I won the game with a Crit Slam from my Impalers thrown spear, then I two hand threw his Mangler on the knock downed Magnus. This puts me up to being 4-7 in games of Warmachine. There is a steamroller coming up on Oct 16 at my local store, that I plan on playing in. (I will try to make my first pictured battle report, of the day) So here are some pics of Gunnbjorn, other pics to hopefully follow this weekend.