Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buckeye Battles 2012

Went to Buckeye Battles again this year, and did massively better than last year. Over all I went 4-0-1, which is great cause I lost a three games last year on day one. My first game was against tomb kings that ended in a draw. Then the next was versus Lizardmen which was a massacre for me, I managed to take off all of his models (he had no slann). Next up was Dogs of War from the independent army list, he had a lot of magic (10 levels) that didn't help him all that much. On to the next day my first game was against Warriors of Chaos with a hoard of great weapon marauders that I beat with my big uns and a hoard of night goblins in the flank. Last game was against Ogres and the key to it was when his Ironguts with his level 4 slaughtermaster charged my Arachnarok spider I knew I would loose it so I directed all of its attacks at the Slaughtermaster to make up for his points(and killed him), in the end it was a minor victory for me. All in all it was a great weekend, and I would like to say thanks to Jeff Parkhurst and all of his crew for running a great event. Here are some random picks I took on the weekend.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Origins Game Fair 2012 Pics

First up are some cool tables from the Miniatures Hall.

All I want to do is roll down the street in this van blaring some Heavy Metal from the 80's.

Minis from the Sodapop Miniatures booth.

Including the new stuff coming for Super Dungeon Explore.

And finally some minis and shots from the CoolMini booth.