Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hobby Central BCB

So I decided to play with Gunnbjorn on the day of the event, it went rather well for me, came home with the 3rd place coin. Had 2 wins and 1 loss. Both of my wins were by caster kill (Vindictus and Zerkova) and my loss came from my lock getting killed by the Death Jack (pSkarre). The Bat Rep I am writing up is for my second game, that I played against Khador (Zherkova).
He had some Berserkers with Attachment on the right all by them selves, that I faced with my Trollkin Scouts. In the center had a Greylord Ternion (the one from the league seasons, we were using them for the tournament) some Widowmakers and Marksman, 2 Juggernauts, Zherkova, and the another Greylord Ternion on the left since he went first everthing he had ran forward as far as it could. Zherkova cast watcher, then it was my turn.
In my turn I ran most of my things to keep just outside of his charge ranges, my burrowers tunneled to keep safe and Gunnbjorn cast rock wall in front of Mulg to help protect him from any charges and ranged attacks
In his turn he moved up some more, shot at some of my beasts, froze Mulg with some Greylords, his Berzerkers charged into the Scouts killing one (missing the rest). Then in my turn I shock off the stationary on Mulg, then Mulg charged the Jugger scraping it in one round. The Mauler moved into the other Ternion to hold them up.
This is when my Impaler moved to throw a spear at Zherkhova, he boosted to hit, and did a good chunk damage to her. Then Gunnbjorn moved to get line of sight on her and shot her with his Bazooka to take her down for the count.
It was a great game, against a great opponent. It was also one of my fastest games ever, which I need to learn from to keep a good pace in the future.
This coin makes me feel good, since coming in last place in the last tourney.

Monday, October 11, 2010


So I picked up a box of Trollkin Scouts on friday, and I must say that they are some awesome models. There was almost no mold lines on the models and what was there was a breeze to clean up. My only real complaint is that for a fixed unit of 6, is that there is only 5 individual sculpts. I finished up the troll whelps today and will take pics of them on the weekend.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Walking Mountain

Here is my finished Mulg, And the WiP Gremlins for Malifaux. I will be taking Captain Gunnbjorn back to the painting table when the local Steamroller is over to do some more work on him like detailing the gun, his vest will become blue with yellow trim. I am going to paint up Doomshaper and some Whelps, to hopefully get done for the tourney. (haven't decided on a warlock yet, it is a 25-35-50 escalating event)