Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dreadfleet and Pics

After popping open the box, I found myself blown away by the quality of the plastic included in it. Dreadfleet is a complete game in a box much like Space Hulk, with everything you need to play included. The fabric seascape is very cool (GW sarong), and the game rules are definitely well thought out without being overly complicated. The ships are very detailed (I like the fact that the sails have the designs embossed on them, so I don't have to paint them on free hand), and the terrain and other things for the game are as equally detailed.

One thing that bothered me though is that there were no instructions (except the vague pics around the side of the box) for the construction of the ships. The instructions are in the October White Dwarf, including the painting guide given in the magazine. Since I spent $115 for the box, getting gouged for another $9, is a little ridiculous. I will be probably be going with the 'Eavy Metal paint scheme on my ships, which I think will be done at a rate of roughly two a week.

I think over all I will give it a 7.5 out of 10, because of the price and it being a stand alone game with no expansion possibility is a little disheartening (would have liked some Orcy boats cause that is my current Warhammer army).   Here are pics of the Scabrus and the Curse of Zandri.  On a weird note I had a local player tell me that it was weird the way I painted the bases separate from the models?
Also I have pics of my Jarl Skuld, Arachnarok Spider, 6 Forgeworld Kammandos, and Buzzgob with his assistants (the one holding the signs sign is from some art I found online, and free handed onto it)

Here are some better pics of my Chaos Dwarf Deamonsmith.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Lazy September!

Didn't get much done this month, and a new camera is on its way to me.  Picked up a few new models to paint at random in the future.  Also a friend approached me to paint his dark eldar army, which a little extra cash is always a good thing.
Pics will hopefully be soon.
Painted: 11 (An Arachnarok Spider, Buzzgob and his Assistants, 6 Ork Kommandos from Forge World, and Jarl Skuld for my Trollbloods)
Painted for Other people: 1 (A test model of Lelith Hesperax, to see if a friend would like me to paint his Dark Eldar for him.)
Purchased: 4 (Jarl Skuld from Privateer, and Supreme Zed & Sanguine with his little dog from Pulp City)
This year so far
Painted: 193
Purchased: 20