Friday, June 28, 2013

Origins Game Fair 2013

It was an odd year at Origins this year, the atmosphere of the con was really subdued.  The vendors hall had booths missing from businesses that were sponsors of the show, they just sat empty.  If you were a miniatures enthusiast there was not much for you, the minis games were relegated to an area behind the board game people that was roughly half the size of last year.  But if you like board games it was the con for you, ever time you turned around you saw Settlers of Catan (don't get me wrong I like Catan).

Some cool giant poster in the games hall  (they are like 20 feet tall).

A really cool viking game in progress.

The coolest game at the show was this 15mm ACW game.

I know I just went down for the day on Saturday, but the experience makes me think about not coming back next year.  Maybe I will try to hit some other cons this year to see what they are like.