Thursday, December 30, 2010

Done For The Year, And 2011

Got some things done to finish up the year, I got a Boar Chariot done for my Orc & Goblins Army done (now moving on to some Night Goblins). Also finished up my Trollblood Scouts and the Fennblades Officer & Drummer (the Tartans are not done so I can decide what to do for them yet).

2010 was a good hobby year I completed my FoW US Paratrooper army, And got the majority of my Trollblood force is done (I can know play with a completely painted force).

There are many things I hope to get done in 2011 like my Orc & Goblin Army, my modern zombie project, I also think I will also start up a Super Dungeon Explore (just ordered the demo set from Sodapop Miniatures because these remind me of the old 16bit video games I played when I was younger) project complete with 3D dungeon.