Sunday, July 29, 2012

Buckeye Battles 2012

Went to Buckeye Battles again this year, and did massively better than last year. Over all I went 4-0-1, which is great cause I lost a three games last year on day one. My first game was against tomb kings that ended in a draw. Then the next was versus Lizardmen which was a massacre for me, I managed to take off all of his models (he had no slann). Next up was Dogs of War from the independent army list, he had a lot of magic (10 levels) that didn't help him all that much. On to the next day my first game was against Warriors of Chaos with a hoard of great weapon marauders that I beat with my big uns and a hoard of night goblins in the flank. Last game was against Ogres and the key to it was when his Ironguts with his level 4 slaughtermaster charged my Arachnarok spider I knew I would loose it so I directed all of its attacks at the Slaughtermaster to make up for his points(and killed him), in the end it was a minor victory for me. All in all it was a great weekend, and I would like to say thanks to Jeff Parkhurst and all of his crew for running a great event. Here are some random picks I took on the weekend.