Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Buckeye Battles

So over the weekend me and a bunch of people from my local store went to the Buckeye Battles GT held in Delaware Ohio (where I conveniently live). Overall I came in 47th out of 78 people, my record was 2-3.

On day one my first game was against Ben Davis (27th) with a very pretty Bretonian army, which was a major loss for me. The second game was against Bryan Amburn (33rd) with a Beastmen army, which was also a major loss. The third game was against Jon Carter (37th) with Orcs and Goblins, which was a minor loss. With three losses on the first day I was feeling pretty down and was contemplating not coming back for day two, but I figured that I paid to play in the tournament so I would come back.

Day two started good with me and two other people wining the "Scavenger Hunt", so I got some cool chaos star dice. Game one on day two was versus David Lees (75th) with a Wood Elf army, it was a major victory for me. And game three was against Lewis Smith (78th) with a Warriors of Chaos, that was also a major victory for me. That day helped me restore some confidence in myself. There some really cool painted forces there which I took some pictures of which are below.