Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Lazy September!

Didn't get much done this month, and a new camera is on its way to me.  Picked up a few new models to paint at random in the future.  Also a friend approached me to paint his dark eldar army, which a little extra cash is always a good thing.
Pics will hopefully be soon.
Painted: 11 (An Arachnarok Spider, Buzzgob and his Assistants, 6 Ork Kommandos from Forge World, and Jarl Skuld for my Trollbloods)
Painted for Other people: 1 (A test model of Lelith Hesperax, to see if a friend would like me to paint his Dark Eldar for him.)
Purchased: 4 (Jarl Skuld from Privateer, and Supreme Zed & Sanguine with his little dog from Pulp City)
This year so far
Painted: 193
Purchased: 20