Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October is Scary (With the Laziness)

So another month with just a bit done, have been ripping out the carpet at home to replace it with wood flooring.  Painted up four of the boats from Dreadfleet, and a couple of Dark Eldar for my friend.
Speaking of Dark Eldar; Urien Rakarth was a kind of fun paint job, the details are nice and crisp, but the Haemonculus on the other hand was a real pain.  The details were fuzzy looking and the bubbles were prolific (It is a prime example of FAILCAST). The next batch of models is a unit of ten Wracks, which i wish he had let me assemble and prime, the mold line and bubbles are not easy to get rid of once you start painting.
On another note I played in my LGS's Longest night event for Warmachine and Hordes, and one both of the games I got in.  Also signed up for a Warhammer Fantasy tournament on November 12th, and am thinking about signing up for another on the 3rd of December though this one is not at my LGS.  It is all in an effort to get in more games than I did last year, which I'm on track to do.

Painted: 4 (The Skabrus, Curse of Zandri, Black Kraken, and the Shadewraith from Dreadfleet)
Painted for Other people: 2 (A Haemonculus, and Urien Rakarth)
Purchased: 11ish (Dreadfleet, which I am counting the terrain as one model since it will be relatively easy to paint)
This year so far
Painted: 199
Purchased: 31