Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tournament Last Saturday

Well the tournament last Saturday went pretty good.  I took Orcs and Goblins (a Orc Warboss, a level 4 Great Orc Shaman, an Orc Big Boss BSB, a level 2 Night Goblin Shaman, and a Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider, 2 units of 50 Night Goblins with Nets and 3 Fanatics, a unit a 27 Orc Big 'Uns, 10 Spider Riders, a Bolt Thrower, a Giant, and an Archnarok Spider)

In the first game I played against Tomb Kings (whose list was a Tomb King, a level 4 Liche High Priest, a Necrotect, a unit of 23 archers, 8 Chariots, a Warsphinx, a unit of 33 Tomb Guard with halberds, 3 Carrion, 3 Sepulchral Stalkers, a Casket and a Screaming Skull Catapult).  Overall the game went great for me, with a couple of failed charges on his part, one of which he only needed to roll a three and got snake eyes.  Killed off his Level 4 in turn 3 with a combination of 'Eadbut and then in combat.  And his chariot which had failed a charge against my Night Goblins, on turn 2 with a flank charge from my Spider Riders and Arachnarok.

In the second game I played against Vampire Counts (which he had a pretty standard list with a Vampire Lord, A level 1 Vampire, a Wight King BSB with the Drackenhof Banner, a Necromancer, A unit of 30ish Ghouls in horde formation, a unit of like 50ish Skeletons 5 wide and like 10, a unit of 20 Grave Guard, a Corpse Cart, a Varghulf, and 4 Wraiths with a Banshee).  The scenario did not help him with it delaying the block of Ghouls, Grave Guard and all of his characters so they had to move on in the first turn.  With me going first I move both of my Night Goblins up and released the Fanatics from one and used the other to shield the first.  The 3 Fantics from the first unit Killed the Corpse Cart and the Varghulf the next turn when he charged through a couple more.  I then charged his Grave Guard with my Spider Riders and Giant and ground them out over a turn or two.  Also my Big  'Uns  with my Warboss and BSB charged the Ghouls in the flank and my Archnarok in the front.  It was pretty cool when my Arachnarok directed his Venom Surge attack against the Wight King BSB and kill him out right, and then my Warboss killed his level 1 Vamp, and my BSB killed the Necromancer all in the first round of combat.  In his next turn he charges my Warbosses unit in the flank with his Skeleton bus with the Vamp Lord, which I then ground out the Skelies over a couple of turns.  This left him with only his Vamp Lord and the Wraiths at the end of the game.

The third game was against Skaven (He had a Grey Seer on a Bell, a Warlord BSB, a Warlock Engineer, 3 30 strong units of Clanrats, a 30 man unit of Stormvermin, 30 Plague Monks, 10 Plague Censers, and 2 Hell Pit Abominations).  I lost this game pretty handily, through my own incompetence.  I let my opponent cast Cracks Call while the Bell was in combat with my Giant, although at the time I was questioning it in my head.  My Big 'Uns took a combined charge from a uint of Clanrats and the Stormvermin, which they readily won and ran done the Stormvermin.  My Arachnarok and Big Boss on Spider died to the 2 Abominations.  At the end of the game the only things I still had on the table was my Big 'Uns, BSB, Warboss, and my level 4.

At the end of the day I came in 4th out 16 people.  Which I think is a pretty good performance for only playing 5 games this whole year before the day.